Xin Calendar 2 Mods: Month/Year List


The Month/Year List mod turns the month/year title into two select lists for faster scrolling between months and years.

To install the Month/Year List mod, we can change the mod order in the default config file:

xcMods=[{"order": 1,  "mod": "Month/Year List",  "script": "mod_list.js"},

or we turn the mod order on in the JS way:

<script language="javascript" src="../config/xc2_default.js"></script>
<script language="javascript">

By default, the CSS style for the select lists is already defined in the default CSS file (css/xc2_default.css) and named as "list":

.list {

and the Month/Year List mod also has some default settings in the default config file (config/xc2_default.js):

xcCSSMonthYearList="list"; // "list" defined in css/xc2_default.css

xcMonthListFormat="Month"; // one of "Month", "MONTH", "Mon", "MON" and "mm"
xcYearListRange=5; // year - range ... year + range
xcYearListPrevRange="&#171;&nbsp;"; // « 1999
xcYearListNextRange="&nbsp;&#187;" // 2009 »

Since the select lists will occupy more room than a normal month/year title, we usually move the scrolling arrows to the foot link block.

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