Xin Calendar 2 Mods: The 3-mod combo


Here we turn on three mods: the Date Tips mod, the Date Info mod and the Special Days mod. Since each mod can have its own style for dates it defines, we want the Date Tips mod come first, then the Date Info mod followed by the Special Days mod. So we have the following orders for them:

xcMods=[{"order": 0,  "mod": "Month/Year List",   "script": "mod_list.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Date Range",        "script": "mod_date.js"},
        {"order": 3,  "mod": "Special Days",      "script": "mod_days.js"},
        {"order": 2,  "mod": "Date Info",         "script": "mod_info.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Journal",           "script": "mod_journal.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Date Link",         "script": "mod_link.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Long Date Format",  "script": "mod_long.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Tiles",             "script": "mod_tiles.js"},
        {"order": 1,  "mod": "Date Tips",         "script": "mod_tips.js"},
        {"order": 0,  "mod": "Time",              "script": "mod_time.js"}];

or we can do it in the JS way without changing the default config file:

<script language="javascript" src="../config/xc2_default.js"></script>
<script language="javascript">

We set up the dates like this:

// date tips
addDateTips("conf", "tip", "", "", "", "", "2004-08-04", "Celebration of Light - Spain ...");
addDateTips("conf", "tip", "", "", "", "", "2004-08-07", "Celebration of Light - Grand Finale ...");
addDateTips("conf", "tip", "", "", "", "", "2004-08-31", "blah blah blah ...");

// special days
setLoopWeek("conf", "weekend", "", 1, 1, "Sun", "Sat");

// date info
addDateInfo("conf", "", "", "info", "", "2004-08-22", "Xin Calendar 2 released");
addDateInfo("conf", "", "", "info", "", "2004-08-31", "Blah blah");

And we will have the Date Tips mod to use the color of   , the Date Info mod to use the default color of   , and the Special Days mod to use the color of   . Now for the overlapping dates like 2004-08-07, 2004-08-22 and 2004-08-31, we can notice that the Date Tips mod takes precedence over the other two mods and the Date Info mod takes over the Special Days mod.

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