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Sometimes we might just want to "stamp" the calendar right onto the spot and make it part of the page. The easiest way of doing so is to populate the spot with the calendar layout, like what we've done to the left page column.

It looks like a static calendar we had before, indeed it is basically a static calendar but with a bit difference from what we had before.

To set up a static calendar, we had:

<body onload="showCalendar('config', null, null, 'date', 'holder', x-offset, y-offset, 0)">

and we would need to size the holder to reserve space for the calendar as the calendar actually didn't take up any space of the holder but just referenced its coordinates.

Now to set up a static calendar like this, we will have:

<body onload="showCalendar('config', null, null, 'date', 'holder', 0, 0, 2)">

The [x,y] offset from the holder will be ignored so we just use zeros here, and the calendar mode (the last parameter) should be set to 2 in the showCalendar() call.

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